Three tips to help merry gentlemen (& ladies) REST throughout the holidays

Tip #1 for having a truly happy holiday is about as basic as they come – – get enough sleep.  Yes, YOU or whoever is the primary care partner!  It’s easy to log in fast-paced days & late nights.  Pace yourself.  Build in pauses.

Tip #2 – Make sure older loved ones, friends, clients aren’t tuckering themselves out.   The ideal holiday party for an elder who’s frail or dealing with memory challenges is low-key,  has a small guest list (10 is a reasonable max), with a quiet room complete with comfy chair or bed to grab a little rest.  Even fabulously fit older friends & family might appreciate the opportunity to take a breather.

Tip #3 – If you MUST layer activities – church service or play, followed by dinner – keep a watchful but unobtrusive eye on the elder.  Make sure they have a comfortable place to sit, that they have a bit of quiet time if they seem to be tiring.

With a little forethought & attention, judicious pacing can help older friends & family extend their time enjoying loved ones & the holidays.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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