Christmas Gift #8 ~ Becky’s Christmas, by Tasha Tudor

Oh, to have my mother’s copy of BECKY’S CHRISTMAS!  But I parted with it several years after Mom died, along with BECKY’S BIRTHDAY and my original artwork by Tasha Tudor,  selling them on Ebay.   I bid adieu because of fear something could happen  to me & they’d either not end up with people who truly cared about them, who understood their deep worth, or be thrown out.

Tasha wrote & lovingly illustrated Becky’s Birthday first, in 1960 – a recounting of an actual birthday celebration for one of Tasha’s children.  Becky’s Christmas was written the next year, with the same magic.

Over the late 1960s & through the 1970s, the three Lockhart Ladies became pleasant acquaintances of Tasha’s, through her dear friend & trusted art dealer, Ned Hills, who featured her books & artwork at his magical shop & cozy restaurant, the Dutch Inn in Mill Hall, PA.  We’d travel the several hours from Bryn Athyn to the Dutch Inn at least once, sometimes twice a year – we always went when Professor Hills (professor emeritus across the river from Mill Hall, at Lock Haven University) hosted a book signing with Tasha.  In the 1980s, a friend  & I went to BLOOMINGDALE’s – in Manhattan! – for a Tasha Tudor signing!

Christmas & Tasha Tudor – both fill my heart with joy!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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