Ornaments & Memories – Mindwalker 1910

One of our great treasures is an audio recording of Mom talking about treasured ornaments, made back in the mid-1990s.  We also treasure this Mindwalker1910 posting that’s in the same vein!

Subj: ornaments and memories
Date: Thu Dec 21 21:52:24 EST 2000 

The most precious ornaments in our house are the ones that we made after Peter was born. The yellow stroller crafted to celebrate his arrival. The little red wagon made when Peter was a toddler – which was stepped on two years ago, yet John managed to make “all better” with a little glue and some skillful application of his airbrush. 

Over the years, others have gained a special place in my heart and on our trees…

The ornaments from Tiffany that Mim presented as “favors” at an elegant Christmas Eve dinner that she planned ~ with great secrecy ~ every detail of, from the “Tiffany blue” boxes at each place (the iconic name emblazoned on each, each wrapped with the equally iconic white satin ribbon) -to- the perfectly cooked crown pork roast and even (inspired by Alicia) a “Yule Log” dessert -to- her adamant request that all of us ~ Pete, Elsa and I ~ dress for a “black tie” event, Pete resplendent in his suit, each of us women in beautiful evening gowns. Mim managed to keep everything utterly secret until we walked into the living room at Woodland Road, with a small elegantly set table in the middle of the room, a blazing fire roaring in the fireplace, chilled champagne waiting to be popped. The setting was only the living room at our Woodland Road house, but no supper club or 5-star restaurant could have been more stylish. 

The paper angels that Ian made in school have brought special grace to the tree and topped it until just a few years ago, when an angel bear – perfect for Squirrel Haven – took over the tree-topping duties; the paper Santa and cardboard clown that he made. 

The clay ornaments that Whitney and Reynolds made many moons ago that have long since crumbled, but which I lovingly remember each year as we put up the other treasures. 

The really really old Murphy ornaments, and so many more that I cannot remember at this moment – our tree is decked out with love and memories and happiness. 

Have a holly-jolly-getting-ready-for Christmas. KRL

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