Stepping past brazenly Tech Timid

This summer, I was determined that by 12/31/17, I’d move from technically timid to at least  technically okay, preferably technically competent.  Nailing tech basics was a large part of Rising Strong 2017.  Here it is, early December & I am still a relative tech newbie.  Yet, strangely, it doesn’t feel like a loss.

Back in the day, I knew the ins & outs of word processing.  Twenty years ago, I had Prudential’s exceptional IT guys at my beck & call.  But that’s a kazillion years ago in computer terms.

Instead of being discouraged, I feel enlightened.  First off, it’s clear I am not someone who can easily pick up skills from books or on-line tutorials ~ without a living, breathing human next to me, giving life to directions, I flounder.  And it turned out that working with brilliant young friends as tutors was a wash-out,  always a couple levels above where I needed them to be;  trying to get them to understand what I meant by BASIC core skills was like trying to describe the wetness of water to a fish.

If I lived in NYC or could afford the fairly inexpensive commute up on NJ Transit, could take weekly classes at Senior Planet.  If Philadelphia had an equivalent to Senior Planet, I could afford the $2 round-trip senior fare on SEPTA to take free classes – there isn’t.  If I could ante up for a tutor who specializes in the once-proficient, now out-of-her-depth computer user, would be on it in a heart beat.  If I could cough up the moola for someone to design a decent blog & Facebook page, I’d be all over it.  If I had the cash, I’d hire a business coach to turn ideas like Cyber Access for the Technically Timid (CATT) into profitable realities that could fund the 2018 workshops & conferences that beckon.

The past five months showed me that as much as I want to make a go of CATT & other endeavors, there is just so much I can do on my own, having the sort of brain that I have.  It is not a weakness, just a reality.  Have always been a right brainer, more creative than technological.  It wasn’t my perception of being a dunce that made me struggle with math – mathematics truly were my bete noir.  It didn’t help that in Algebra, I kept getting the right answers without working through the proper formulas.

My Algebra experience sums up a lot of the past 65 years – getting right answers but unable to explain the how, which has proven a constant source of irritation to key others.  I’m an ultimate product gal in a world focused on process.

If you had described to me in January 2017 where I am today, it would have sounded like a mega failure.  But it turns out NOT achieving core goals has been a major opportunity to face facts, without judgement.  One fact is incredibly clear.

The adage that it takes money to make money is true.

It takes money to brush up my computer skills to where they were when I first had the brainstorm that became Cyber Access for the Technically Timid – helping older friends access the internet, use word processing, write blogs, build their circle of friends through social media, all without them having to touch a keyboard.

It takes money to bring on a business coach to help me see how to take Values Vision Dreams from a rough prototype to a tool that helps oldsters elders ancients connect with their present-day values, from there to crafting a here & now vision statement, and finally to identifying/pursing dreams.

It takes money to get guidance on how to become a dream manager for olders.

It takes A LOT of money to make the above accessible in some form to mature adults, their families & care partners of all income levels, to those who are champs at being online & those who shut down just hearing the word “keyboard” (or think someone’s talking about a piano).

Money is something I do not have.  This year.  I just came across a check from last December from our sustaining client – over $2,000.  It brought home how different 2016 was from 2017.  Over two months, we went from three clients to none.  Our core client & dear friend was reunited with her O Best Beloved in January, after too many years as a widow.  We rejoiced for her, but her passing gave us pause.  While Anne’s family believed we were invaluable to her remarkable level of LIVING, despite zeroing in on 100 & having dementia, John & I understand – preventive services are always a hard sell.

Yes, it takes money to make money.  But it takes creativity & determination & focused energies to make a difference.  And those we have in plentiful supply.

So, this is me throwing down the gauntlet to my Tech Timid present moment self – how much improvement can I rack up between 12/03/17 & 12/31/17?   I’ve been a flub this year at making money & made a pretty poor showing at attracting it – let’s see how far I can go with the bounty of powerful intangibles at my fingertips!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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