The Art of Learning – a core life lesson delayed

Delayed, not deferred.  To defer is to consciously delay something, while delay can be done unknowingly, unintentionally by someone or  ~by~ circumstances ~by~ events ~by~ others.

Was my education in the mechanics of learning delayed due to a person(s) or circumstances? Who knows?  Who cares?  The important thing to KNOW is that I have been keenly aware for many decades of its lack in my life.

Turns out, looking back, that no one in our family knew how to learn, a realization that only just hit me.  A thunderbolt of new awareness!  I always thought that Mim aced it, but it strikes me that she was perhaps the worst learner of the lot of us Lockharts.  Because learning isn’t just accumulating & remembering knowledge, something at which she was nimble to my seriously challenged.  The heart – the whole reason for gathering knowledge in the first place – is applying what we have learned to our lives.

Without that ultimate step, we are informed but not learned.

What hilarious irony that – up to this very moment – I’ve thought of Mim as being a master learner & myself a learning flub-a-dub.  Up to two minutes ago, I would described myself as a terrible learner, unable to clearly cite what I’ve read, recall who wrote or said it, in what book dvd magazine I came across it.  What a crock!

My life reveals what my heart denies – I love to learn, go out of my way to gain new knowledge & fresh perspectives, then apply them to my every moment.

That is HUGE!  Let there be a cacophony of bells & whistles of wondrous AH HAs, because at this moment, on this day, I get that while we can be seriously held back by what we don’t know, we are just as restrained by what we perceive to be limitations that just aren’t so.  I thought myself to be inept at learning & made that falsity my truth.

Goose Bump Moment:  This aha moment was brought to me by my second viewing in 24 hours of THE ULTIMATE GIFT, researching the ELIM Media Opportunity Group, which led me to reseaching The Ultimate… series & their author, Jim Stovall, which brought me to his book, The Art of Learning, which got me thinking about a sentence that opens its blurb – “The top achievers learn the most and apply what they learn; therefore, there is no skill, information, or lesson more vital than learning how to learn.”, that got me thinking about how many young people Mim taught the basics of how to learn, about what a great learner my sister was & what a wash-out I am, which made me stop in my tracks to question that assumption since it was clear that Mim was MASSIVELY challenged to apply to every moment the very things she’d supposedly learned, while I tend to apply everything that I’ve picked up from my reading watching listening experiencing.

Big goose bumpy drum roll – – I am a far different person writing this sentence than the one who tip tapped “The Art of Learning – a core life lesson delayed.”

It was a lesson delayed in spite of always longing to master the mechanics of learning.  It’s why the Front Room & The Retreat, the living room & den, even the kitchen & basement have shelves loaded with books books books.  Books I believed – until  Jane Kerschner set me right in 2016 – that I’d read inadequately compared to how Mim would have.  Mim is also at the root of my deeply entrenched belief that I stink at conversation.  Oh, I can gab with the best of them.  But conversation is a grace I’ve felt eluded me.

Oscar Wilde said, “Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.”  Because I believed myself a wash out at learning, I had zip confidence in my ability to converse with others.  Every conversation started with a voice in back of my head saying, “You’ll never be as good as Mim or John or Mom at this.”  DUH!  Get over yourself – myself!

It’s true that I’m currently a flub-a-dub at what my sister so magnificently aced – the mechanics of learning.  But Mim seemed to fail to grasp what I’ve always held lightly in my hands – the reason for learning: to live better, fully, joyfully…  & to help others do the same.

One lesson that was never delayed, that I knew from the cradle – the Art of Living.  And for that, this newbie learner of the mechanics of learning says a resounding THANK YOU! to a great glorious generous (& infinitely patient) Universe!




Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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