The muck stops here!

If you live in or near or less than insanely far away from Pittsburgh & have family issues you’re grappling with, hie you up, down or over to the University of Pittsburgh on Friday, December 8 for Mark Wolynn’s workshop, It Didn’t Start With You – how inherited family trauma shapes who we are and how to end the cycle.

Mark Wolynn is a thought leader on inherited family trauma.  Just realized that his book was published the month before John Bradshaw died.  His books, especially On Family (1986),  had a profound impact on both myself & Mom.  From the time I read Mark Wolynn’s book, I knew it built on what I’d gleaned from Bradshaw – didn’t realize that Mark was picking up as Bradshaw left!

Both men worked with people struggling with people struggling with a wide range of psychological disorders.  John Bradshaw’s books provided clarity, providing the language to drape around experiences that had never made sense.  Mark Wolynn’s book was freeing – it liberated me &, in my eyes, everyone else!

Mark makes it clear that many of our most daunting issues are biologically based.  His book – and his workshop – provide the understanding insights tools to help folks like me face down & put to flight daunting demons that derailed our family.  Do what you can to make sure the muck stops HERE!

 December 9, 2017    University of Pittsburgh   9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.   $125 (a steal!)    CE: 6 hours (LSW/CLSW. LPC, LMFT, Psych)


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