This is just WEIRD – PA DMV

My present self is way more organized than my past.  Got out all the necessary documentation to take stout-hearted & true Gibbs (our Chrysler Concorde) in for the 11/30 inspection – current insurance info, driver’s license, car registration.  Wait…

As of 01/01/17, Pennsylvania stopped branding license plates with stickers to show it was registered, no longer sends registration cards.  Car owners do the whole thing on line, print out the receipt & LATER, when confirmation arrives from the state, print THAT & keep it with the basic car docs.  I’d done the first step, NOT the second.  A receipt is not an auto registration.

Here’s why this turned out to be good.  John & I were set to watch the Hatboro Holiday Parade – we went, but only long enough to see the start, for me to get weepish soaking in the experience of the first high school marching band (red & black school colors).  Then we went to the Upper Moreland Library to track down my missing registration CARD & get a hard copy (we currently don’t have a printer).

Found nothing – zip nada zilch.  Reviewed my 07/01/17 receipt, which gave an e-mail address to contact with problems – it would be responded to promptly (I thought Tuesday, if I was lucky);  sent off the e-mail, with a copy of the receipt & explaining my dilemma.

I then posted a description of my dilemma on Facebook.  People responded & I revealed the depth to which I am tech timid.  If felt like one of them even sort of shamed me, which actually turned out to be constructive (more later).  Called Microsoft support to find out how to remove the non-persistent cookies which were blocking me from accessing the portion of the PA DMV site needed to resolve my dilemma.  Learned how to locate my browser, but little else.

My ultimate solution – be at AAA/Warminster when they open at 7:00 this morning.  THEY would be able to resolve it.  It messed up my morning in a couple difficulty-creating ways, but the early opening seemed an answer to this maiden’s prayer.

Around 7:00 p.m., I checked my e-mail, which is not my norm.  There were two notification from “REGISTRATION” – one with an attachment.  The first explained that my original registration request was reprocessed; because it was not within the 30-day window stipulated on the receipt as when to contact the state with an error, I’d be billed for the full cost.  Again.  And there it was, in the 2nd e-mail ~ a beautiful registration card, waiting there to be printed.  We don’t have a printer.   And the relatively local places that once offered print services on a Sunday night no longer do.

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No – it’s SUPER ANDREW!  My go-to savior for all things computerish printed it out for us.

Right now, I have – tucked in the clear plastic holder AAA gave us a couple years ago – is Gibbs’ registration, our current car insurance info & it awaits my driver’s license, all needed for PA inspection.  I will drop Gibbs off at Chuck’s Service Center at 7:00 a.m, then another longtime super hero will pick me up & whisk me up to Be Well, where I will hunker down until getting the magic call the inspection is done, then I’ll a slow, hobbly (my left calf is giving me problems) walk down the long hill to pick it up, grateful for the opportunity.

In the meantime, will call Uber to pick up John to hie him to A.C. Moore/Warminster – a manager called last night about needing extra help & being the good guy he is, John said yes, in spite of a head-stuffing cold.  Another super hero!

Okay, here is the flat-out weird part – – after I received the two registration notices, I checked my online credit card history,  just to see if the duplicate charge had posted in pending transactions.  Not there.  But scanning down my purchases, it was THERE, already processed as a THURSDAY purchase & a FRIDAY post.  Three days before I duplicated the registration.  Spooky, albeit in a good way.

In any case, am ready to roll. Heading out in twenty minutes, as the sun begins peeking over the now barely light skies.

postscript:  What good came from being burned by a friend for my lack of computer savvy?   The computer wiz alluded to my having a lot of problems with computer stuff gave me the opportunity to reply – – deev would be having lots of problems with computer things other people consider simple & straightforward. it is why i am good working with people who are older because i know how it feels to not know stuff that other people consider fundamental. i’ve taken that weakness & turned it into a strength, yet it remains a weakness – for the time being. it will not always be so.  “It will not always be so.”  I might not ever be masterful, but the day will dawn when I am computer competent!


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