Blessed – a Thanksgiving gratitude from the Gramster (11/23/00)

 A thankful posting from Mom to her Mindwalkers….
Subj: blessed
Date: Thu Nov 23 21:47:24 EST 2000The “cpu” is still up and running, so I am keeping my fingers crossed and writing a longer note that more fully expresses my feelings of this day.

My blessings over the past year have been many. At this time in 1999, I was still in the early stages of recovering from my stroke in September. The doctors and nurses and staff who helped me through it all were God sent.

I live with two young ‘uns who seem to enjoy fussing over me, even when I drag John out of the studio or Elsa out of bed for the 4th time in the wee small hours of the morning. They almost always – unless totally groggy – come into my room and leave with a smile. They are fun and make my life lively.

The Bryn Athyn community has blessed my life for almost all of my life. There are so many ways it blesses it, from the wonderful recordings of the Contemporary Service which I love to listen to, to the rides that dear Ginny Tyler arranges to take me to appointments, to the friends she sends to be my chauffeur du jour and whose generosity and friendship are so very special, to the wonderful people who embody the word community and kindness.

A big and unexpected blessing this year has been my involvement with an online group of men and women who are exploring the role of women in the ministry of the General Church. The discussions I have heard and participated in online have kept my noggin stepping lively and the get togethers I have attended have always left me with a sense of peace and trust in the Lord.

I was blessed by the circle of women who get together every other Wednesday for discussion about topics of interest. They are older women – although all are younger than yours truly – and the discussion is always interesting. I have not been to the get togethers for over a year, but did go last month when they invited Sonia Soneson Werner to come talk to them about the current discussion on the role of women in our ministry. I was so proud of them for asking her, I was so proud of her for going, and I was so lucky to be there to hear my friends’ willingness to listen to the unknown and to share their own experiences and their feelings about it. It was an unexpected and profound blessing.

The “dist list” that started my online life – New Church Women on the Internet – continues to stimulate and recharge me every time I read a new posting. Each and every one of you is dear to my heart.

The wonderful circle of women who gathered at Tonche and showed me such kindnesses throughout the women’s retreat weekend was a delightful blessing and what an unexpected bonus that both of my daughters were there with me.

Among my greatest blessings this year has been my relationships with my children, each of which is more clearly defined than ever. That has brought me a deep sense of peace.

My blessings include two new grandchildren – Kimberly and Chad. May their marriages to Scott and Whitney be blessed with all the happiness true married love offers.

This group – my Mindwalkers – continues to be a blessing. When I was confined to the big chair in the living room, I could always get up and about through this list. Just knowing each of you is out there makes a tremendous difference in my life and – this might sound strange but it is true – in my energy. I truly do believe that this has done more than I can imagine in helping me recover more of my energies than I would have believed possible.

My faith, my Creator and my constant love for my dearly missed Pete are my greatest blessings and the foundation of all others. I am a lucky lady and I know it.

Love to you all and my thanks to the computer for not going walk-about before
I sent this. The Lord upon you send His blessings – Grammie Kay

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