Jam-packed Wednesday

And a gammy leg!  Hence, no posting.  But it was the best sort of day, filled with responsibility & accountability, helping out a dear friend & hanging out with her children, risking writer’s cramp by addressing HUNDREDS of envelopes for a remarkable charity, having a growth moment with John.

So, no website.  And spinning off an earlier Ted Talk selection to remind y’all about an upcoming something special.

It’s interesting, being right where I am.  Fascinated to see my world opening up to ahhhsome possibilities that I stand ready to nurture develop grow.

For some unknown reason, I’ve always been aware of the power of words.  Then, I became aware of the power of thinking in the now, of shaking the dust of the past off my feet, honoring what was, respecting its place in the cosmos of my life, appreciating the characters who’ve gotten me to today, when I’m taking on a responsibility that will use my strengths -and- force me to step way outside my comfort zone & straight toward the end zone goal post.

My jam-packed Wednesday taught me about doing the best with what & who I am, that there is just so much I can do for others, to look inward to see where I can adjust & reshape, to let people be who they are, even if it appears to be hurtful to themselves & others.  It goes beyond “we can’t fix everything” – sometimes the things that appear broken, even hurt are just as they’re meant to be.

Am building my jam-packed Wednesday into…  we shall see!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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