A writing prompt for Ron Culberson

Whoa – pretty gutsy of this fun-ista to post a writing prompt for someone who’s swiftly aced being one of my Top 10 Influencers of All Time.  (I see a blog posting in that!)

What prompts me is the thought I have each morning checking the terrific perpetual Creating Moments of Joy calendar  Jolene Brackey GAVE me (!) at Friday’s conference.  (Today’s moment of joy – “Make eye contact, smile & take time to connect.  You have just created your own portable ‘comfort zone.’ “)

Every time I read a nugget from Jolene, I find myself wishing that Ron Culberson had a similar perpetual calendar, where I could see & be reminded through the years of the simple ways I can make excellence & fun an everyday experience for myself & others.  The little things he shares that make a big difference, like:

  • Say “You’re welcome” instead of the meaningless (& sadly ubiquitous) “No problem”  when someone says “Thank you” or gives a compliment.
  • We prosper when our goal is to help everyone, including our self, reach our greatest potential.
  • Put the kibosh on cynicism, nurture healthy skepticism.
  • Mirthful messages are more memorable.
  • Targeting everyday things helps ensure hitting our goals (without leaving a mess).

Throw in jokes people can share to break up the day ~or~ steps the front office/exec suite & parents can take to create stress-snapping smiles in the workplace, the home.

Envision a harried account exec toiling away on a presentation that feels stale, flat.  As dawn starts breaking, she flips to the next page of a calendar her teenage son gave her for Christmas.  She breaks into a smile at a joke Ron’s tucked in, maybe a reminder about the importance of thinking of others.  Her stuckness dissolved,  a fresh, winning approach pops into her head.  

Ron – it’s a perpetual calendar ~ you can make it so any time!  Get crackin’ – the business presentation you help save may be my own!


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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