Ron Culberson – an appreciation

I’ve never had an image of someone I’d particularly like to model myself on.  Oh, I’ve found many great role models & mentors, men & women & children who have help me get from here to there & back again.  But there is something special about Ron Culberson that makes him very much someone on whom to model my path forward.

Ron has the gift of being able to take many important points & distill them into a powerful few.  I think about his presentation at the end of the Creating Moments of Joy Conference this past Friday, where he drew out key points from each of the presentations, adding his own deft, humor-laced comments.

Like too many people, I grew up hearing messages which weren’t necessarily being intentionally sent, whispers to my heart about inadequacy & lack.  I wanted to be a well-spring of original art, or ground-breaking writing, in spite of not seeing myself as the least bit artistic, light years from a creative writer.  I’ve moved up to seeing myself as an innovative adapter, raking a variety of already existing material to come up with something with a different spin.

Ron’s instilled a new belief – maybe I am capable of coming up with my own distinctive work.

The greatest gift I received from July’s IAGG World Congress was a sense of homecoming – of coming back to the person I’ve always been, the baby who arrived at the house at the corner of Fettersmill & Alden Road before she started processing all the images & information that would distance herself from her true self.

In both Do It Well. Make It Fun. and If Not Now, When?, Ron transforms words learned long ago into fresh understanding.  His style, phrasing & vocabulary are as simple & direct as his titles.  Ron’s comments & personal stories are springboards to my own musings & insights.  And he strips away any pretense that I need to learn more before doing differently.

Inspired by his recent book, If Not Now, When?,  which is made up of some of his blog postings, articles, essays, I’ll be sharing a link to one of his current postings, like one written – serendipity! – on July 28, 2017 aka the last day of the World Congress – – Are You Worth Your Salt? (and Part 2).  Simple, to the point, empowering.  Worth the read.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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