Mark Cuban’s #1 investment – BOOKS

The wheelin’ dealin’ billionaire who seems to have FUN making his big bucks claims that one of his BEST investments is in wandering book stores & books.  Amen, brother!

Is it coincidence that I start writing my book – a tip of the hat to the ones that brought me to this awesome NOW – and Tim Ferriss is out there touting his soon-to-be-released TRIBE OF MENTORS ~and~ CNBC spotlights Mark Cuban telling Vanity Fair that one of his most productive activities was walking through books stores?  I think not!

I used to love to walk through bookstores. If there was something that caught me eye and I thought it could give me one idea — to spend $30 to give one idea that could help propel me and make my businesses better, it was a bargain.”  Guess if Mark Cuban tried that today, he’d be mobbed by Shark Tank fans!

Mark is not the only billionaire book lover.  So are Bill Gates & Warren Buffett,  who claims that reading helps keep him more even-minded/less impulsive in decision making.

The reason I’m penning my thank you to the books that stepped me toward discovering/forging a coherent life is help more people tap into the same resources.  I turned to books (audios, dvds, PBS) for two reasons: 1) counseling didn’t cut it for me  – I had a sense of what was wrong, just couldn’t figure out the mechanics, the ways that would take ME to where I was meant to be ~and~  2) in place of $$$ counseling, I could check out personal growth books over a cuppa at Borders or Barnes & Noble, grab their wisdom or go whole hog & actually make a $ purchase.

Book stores help those who choose the path to enlightenment because of the sheer VARIETY –  books that lit my way may not do the same others.  Besides, there’s nothing like holding a book in your hands, being able to leaf through its pages, scoping it out over coffee & a  pastry to see if it clicks with your heart soul brain.

Much as I love & miss Frigate Books, the Jenkintown Book Store, Sesslers & other independents brought down by mega book stores, I have to acknowledge my quest might never have succeeded without Borders, B&N, One Spirit, Amazon & the independents like Doylestown Bookshop that embrace readers as well as buyers.

My thanks to Mark Cuban for singing the praises of the power of book stores, for sharing with the multitudes the fact that spending time in those hallowed halls, investing in books & READING can be the best investments we make for securing a prosperous life.





Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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