Halloweening along the Delaware – Ramblin’

For years, John & I have reveled in introducing friends to the delights of the season found along the Delaware, specifically through our beloved river towns of Yardley PA up to Frenchtown NJ, bedecked in Halloween splendor.  It’s an especially boootiful time for a ramble with an oldersters elders ancients, combining autumn leaf-peeking with getting in the ghoulishly good spirits of this hauntingly special time of year – many of the sights are geared to easy walking & a lot can be experienced without even getting out of your car.

Starting with YARDLEY – the village is decked out for the howliday, but for a lot of folks, the real happening is at Shady Brook (“America’s most haunted farm”), which is throwing its HorrorFest.  Not up our alley, but we know parents – and grandparents – who consider taking youngsters – up through teens! – the highlight of their Halloween celebration. The long lines for the four exhibits are what keep us away, but plenty of youngsters, loving parents & doting grands consider it well worth their time.

Put us down as mega fans of Canal-O-Ween, which lights up tomorrow.  Seven days to see 300+ pumpkins along a 1/4 mile stretch of the canal.  In our book, a total WOW!

Up through Washington’s Crossing to New Hope/Lambertville:  If you hurry, there’s still time to register for today’s New Hope/Lambertville Zombie Crawl  (registration 4:00 p.m., kicks off at 4:30).  Sign up is across the bridge, in L-ville, only $10 per family.  Get there by (I’d guess well before) 3:00 p.m. & have your face properly ghouled by make-up experts!

Frenchtown’s Zombie Crawl & Parade already stepped out, at noon, but the drive up from L-ville, with a stop at the Stockton Farmer’s Market, is always booootiful.

Halloween in Lambertville:  The town that revels in Halloween!  No better place to experience the howliday than Lambertville.  Tomorrow is the Halloween Parade, but anytime, day or night, is just right for a fiendishly good time in this mecca of all things ghoulish – especially the decked-out houses on N. Union Street.  Better yet, go on The Day, crossing over from New Hope around 4:50 pm, driving s l o w l y down N. Union to Elm Street, turning left to park at Niece Lumber (as soon after 5:00 pm closing as possible), then taking an hour’s amble down Union, toward town center, to see everything in the daylight.  As the sun dips, head back toward your car & dinner at Bell’s Tavern, putting you in the best place to head out for a post-dining stroll with the costumed throng filling the closed-off street.  Impossible to describe!  End your Happy Halloweening with a stroll further up Union Street to OWowCow for a scoop of some of the most splendid ice cream on this or any other planet!

Watch out for ghosts, ghouls & hobgoblins on your drive home!


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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