TRIBE of MENTORS – Tim Ferriss

Last week, I wrote a PRE-book review of Bert & John Jacobs’ Life is Good – – had just started it, was nowhere close to finishing.

This week, am writing a “seering” review of Timothy Ferriss’, Tribe of Mentors – which will be released next month.

Tim Ferriss set my brain swirling twirling with his book, The 4-Hour Work Week.  Along with Danny Iny & Todd Henry, Tim (“a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk” ) messed up stodgy bits of my brain – as I described at the time, turned it into confetti – cutting me loose enough from my mooring to come up with the Eureka! that playfulness coach spot-on describes who I am, what John & I do.

Now, Tim’s compiled Tribe of Mentors, due out 11/21/17.  And I’ve got inch-high goosebumps, because HIS topic sort of touches on MINE ~ ~  #5 – or how Barnes & Noble shrank my bank account, boosted my self-worth & revealed the meaning of life  (working title) which thanks the mentors in MY life.

2017 was a big year for Tim.  He turned 40 (a baby!), The 4-Hour Work Week celebrated its 10th anniversary, several people in his circle died, he opened up – to no less than a TED audience – about considering suicide back in college.

Seems young Tim never really thought about life after 40.  When it hit without any preconception, he found himself awash in questions.  About goals.  About had he overplanned or underplanned life?  How could he be kinder to himself?  Say no more often to the noise & yes more often to adventures he craves?  How to reassess life – priorities?  How to reconsider his view/place/trajectory through the world?

He looked at his list & added one more – What if I assembled a tribe of mentors to help me?

So, he started a list of dream interviewees, a list without limitation. Then he found a reason for them to answer – he got a book deal.  He figured a request to “Be in my book” could be a hook. He sent an identical set of 11 questions to his list, along with the request to  “Answer your favorite 3 to 5 questions . . . or more, if the spirit moves you.

From a marketing point of view – BRILLIANT!  BUT – for an anxious 24 hours, there was no response.  As Tim says, “Crickets…  and then came the torrent.

While at least half the people on his list either didn’t respond or declined, 100+ wildly thoughtful responses poured in.  Enough to make it work.  And now I am looking forward to getting his spectacularly well-time collection of world-class mentors sharing what matters to them.


My life continues to astonish.  I’ve set out to write a THANK YOU to my own tribe of mentors & one of them comes out with a book featuring HIS?!  And my pre-ordered Tribe of Mentors  will arrive on or before Wednesday, letting me settle down with it for a grateful read the next day…  THANKSGIVING??

This CANNOT be mere coincidence – clearly an early Christmas present from the Universe!

While The 4-hour Work Week might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Tim’s Tribe of Mentors should have nuggets for all.   Keep your eyes peeled for reviews, look for Tim to be popping up on talk shows & guest writing all sorts of articles.  Oh, and…

Dear Universe – consider THIS a pre-thank you for a book that will butt kick yours truly to finish my own opus!



Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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