turn bleah to bodacious – Ramblin’

This has been a gosh awful autumn for beautifully colored leaves.  My suggestion is to take a ramble up the River Road, say from Washington Crossing up through New Hope, cross over to Stockton at Centre Bridge, then continue up Rt 29 to Frenchtown.  Cross over, then turn right & head north to Upper Black Eddy.  Go PAST the bridge, keeping your eyes peeled to the right for the sign for HOMESTEAD COFFEE ROASTERS, which will be on your left.  (If it was on the right, it & you would be in the Delaware.)

Stop in for a great cup of coffee, a nibble or lunch.  A special place right off the beaten path.

Head back toward the bridge, this time crossing over to Milford.  Drop down to Frenchtown, this go ’round taking the time to meander around the terrific little shops.  Alas, Elizabeth Gilbert’s wondrous Two Buttons is no more, but there are plenty of options, including a delightful children’s book store –  “The Book Garden bibliophiles collect rare and precious writings with the same passion a botanist will collect rare and precious plants.” – and Blue Fish Clothing (oh for the day I can afford some pieces!).  If you are getting a bit peckish, I am a big fan of Lovin’ Oven.

Drop down Rt 29 to Stockton –  try to work your day & time to coincide with the justifiably renown Farmers Market.

Finish up with a final drop down to Lambertville & supper at our beloved MORE THAN Q  ~ the ‘que is so awesome, you’ll be slipping into a Texas drawl.

So what if the fall colors are bleah this year ~ a ramble up through the Delaware’s river towns will always set you right!




Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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