Just one side or the other

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”  ~ Albert Einstein ~

What the great thinker scientist doer doesn’t say is that the most determined opposition & ferocious fights occur within our own minds, as a spirit infused with a desire to achieve great things runs up against a mediocre mind determined to maintain the status quo.  Not just middling minds like mine get sucked into maelstroms of mediocrity – the massively brilliant creative talented are just as vulnerable when they seek to take work life relationships up a notch or more.  As soon as What Is discovers itself pitted against the inspiration of What Could Be, its power roars to the front to protect itself from New Different Better.

That’s where I am.  There’s a bit over two months left in 2017, my Year of Rising Strong.  Just over two months to see how far I can get before the New Year’s Day in cementing my new different better patterns into something permanent.  Two months to see how many connections I can make to begin grounding the “Eureka!” work the Universe had laid out.  Two months – plenty of time to see if I yield to the mediocre ~or~  the aspiring great.

My mediocre mind is happy to stay where it is – helping others, making good on promises of the past – but wants nothing to do with promises to the future, has no desire to be discomforted,  to stretch, to push past the okay & adequate to exceptional. That’s reality for all but the very few.  When we want to go high, the mediocre mind pitches battle to keep us thinking small.

I fight not only my own pleasant mediocrity, but others, alive & dead, whose messages include who am I to expect to dare & do greatly,  stay low & off radar, avoid discomfort & disappointment, what arrogance to think that I can make a difference.

But there’s one voice.  Not a voice, so much as an image.  Dad.  Who owned the smallest lumberyard in the Middle Atlantic Lumberman’s Association -and- consistently ranked #1 in contributions, based on number of square feet per commercial property.  He could have worked for another person, could have made a good living without taking risks, but sought the freedom to do all aspects of his craft.  Dad had his faults as a businessman, but the fact is that the place was still running, was actually beginning to thrive, when he died.  Pretty good inheritance – not the business, which went under after he died, but the guts grit gusto that created it, hung in through tough times & ultimately made it prosper.

So, at every day’s end, I will ask myself – was this a Mim & Mom day, or a Dad?  Did I let my mediocre mind have the greater say ~or~ did I DO things that moved me closer to my goal?  Did I put dither over done, comfort over constructive action?  Did I stay put or push forward?

The battle is there, every day.  Side with the forces that mumble “Bleah...” or ones that command, “Push forward.”  There’s no other option in this fight, no neutral.  Just one side or the other.  The mediocre mind or the great spirit.  Which will it be – tomorrow, the next hour, this very minute?

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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