Beat beat beat of the tom toms

Funny, I didn’t hear the drums calling the tribe together.  But here they are, gathered in my heart.  My tribe.  The Jacobs brothers & their merry band of optimism champions, chief among them…

Steve Gross, Playmaker Extraordinare, who taps playfulness as THE single-most important trait in children’s lives for dealing with adversity & trauma.  As for adults, he diagnoses the emotional mental spiritual syndrome grinding down so many of us, from twenty-somethings to centenarians – – Playfulness Deficiency Disorder (PDD).

Steve is clearly a member of my tribe (as is everyone at Life is Good) – – we speak the same language.  He speaks it WAY more fluently convincingly effectively.

How sublime to have found him at the start of Charter Day weekend, because finding Steve Gross feels like homecoming to me.  Yes, he works with kids while I work primarily with mature adults – – our hearts keep the same beat.  And we both focus much needed attention on their care partners, largely underappreciated & all too often underpaid, seeking ways to put more play into their lives & into their work.

Finding Steve feels like the last CLICK in a quest started 41 years ago.  Wrong – it’s the ending/beginning point of a lifelong trek that started the moment a voice from my future told my Baby Self, “Whatever you do, don’t break.”

I hung on & here I be.  With my wondrous circle of “marble jar” friends, good amigos, casual buddies, pleasant acquaintances – & new ones waiting in the wings; with A LOT of business cards from IAGG & earlier conferences/connections awaiting follow-up; with a professional tribe with people fluent in play; with a foundation under my feet, stars in my eyes & determination in my soul.

Homecoming & new adventures, all tumbled together.  Ain’t life grand!!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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