2-timin’ Willie Nelson

No, HE’s not 2-timing ~ here’s just two times he’s gotten dandy press coverage for his still roaring career.  At 84!

First, a Daily Beast post from March about the scheduled drop of a new album, God’s Problem Child. ~ to quote Rolling Stone, “Listening to a new Willie Nelson album with a set of fresh ears is almost impossible to do in 2017 – and Nelson knows it. Hovering over all news regarding the Red Headed Stranger are worries about the health of the country icon, who turns 84 on April 29th. So he decided to make the elephant in the room – his own mortality – the focal point of his new LP, God’s Problem Child**.”

Now, he’s back on the press circuit, promoting an album – Willie Nelson & the Boys – made with his 20-something sons, Lucas & Michal, due out on 10/20/17.  So Daily Beast dropped a video of the three of them discussing music & performing Send Me The Pillow You Dream On.

Willie Nelson – 84 & going strong… with a little support from his boys.  Speaks (sings?) volumes!


**I did the best I could do
Or the best I could tell
The higher I flew, the farther I fell
Born in the mud,
Raised in the wild
Washed in the blood,
God’s Problem Child
I feel the shine, following me
Not far behind, that’s where I wanna be
A little out of town, fine by me
Darkness may fall
We still got a light
Keeping us all
Safe through the night
Heaven must love
God’s problem child
Heaven must love
God’s problem child
Heaven must love
God’s problem child

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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