oWowCow ~ Ramblin’

We’re closing in on leaf peaking season here is SE PA & one of the tastiest ways to take in the beauty of Mother Nature is to ramble up, down or over to each of three oWowCow locations.

The closest to us is the one in Wrightstown, a glorious drive from downtown Bryn Athyn.  Head up Buck Road to County Line, turning right, then taking a left at the very next traffic light, putting you right back on Buck Road; continue down Buck until it dead ends at Street Road;  head left on Street to the 2nd traffic light (there are two, one right after the other) onto Stump Road;  turn left when IT dead ends at Bustleton.

Continue on Bustleton, crossing Bristol Road – Bustleton Pike becomes Churchville Road; slow down as the road literally cuts THROUGH the beautiful Churchville Reservoir (the Churchville Nature Center, always worth a visit, will be on your left almost immediately after crossing);  when IT dead ends, turn left onto Holland Road.

Cotinue past three (I think) streets on your left, definitely two on your right, to immediately after the road DIPS down – take a hard left onto Elm Avenue;  drive slow as you glide through the marsh portion of the reservoir on your right – keep your eyes peeled for the herons & egret that hang out in the shallow waters.

When Elm Ave dead ends at (not kidding) Bustleton Pike, turn right;  continue on Bustleton through Richboro, where it becomes 2nd Street Pike;  keep your eyes peeled as you exit Richboro for Worthington Mill Road, on your right, the first non-residential road – there’s a church on it’s left – turn left onto Worthington Mill Road.

After a yawn stretch of boring housing developments, you should see a sign for a single-lane bridge ahead – – a) take it seriously – it really is one lane & b) enjoy the beautiful view of the Neshaminy Creek flowing past the charming Worthington Mill, now a quietly knock-out house.

Continue on Worthington Mill, crossing Swamp Road (a 4-way stop because it is a nasty intersection);  continue on Worthington Mill, keeping your eyes peeled for little Mud Road on your left;  turn left onto Mud Road until it dead ends at Penns Park Road, turning right;  yes, when IT dead ends at Durham Road, turn left;  turn left into CAROUSEL VILLAGE, staying on the left to oWowCow.

There is limited seating inside, but a lot outside for sitting back & enjoying their “passionately made, warmly served” amazing ice cream.

One bite & you know that this ice cream is beyond exceptional.  They use locally sourced sources & truly are passionate about the quality of their product.

The staff is remarkably patient, however long the line, and delight in giving samples if you’re not sure Honey Lavendar or Rosemary Cardamon are right for you.  I get the mini-banana split with whatever  flavors catch my fancy (my favorites are chocolate pecan caramel & espresso), while the Hubster gets the same, always with three different versions of …  vanilla.  He raves about it!

Savor the ice cream, enjoy the whimsical setting, maybe take the mini train ride, watch the kids on the carousel.  When you’re ready to head back, just do the drive in reverse OR turn left onto Durham, take a left at the next traffic light onto 2nd Street Pike (Rt 213), which will take right back to the heart of Bryn Athyn (be sure to turn RIGHT in Richboro, where the road forks).


Author: auntdeev

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