Our gifts, our bliss – writing prompts

Today’s writing prompts, spot-on for all ages, are from David Richo’s Coming Home to Who You Are, a Baby Bear-sized (“just right”) book with super short chapters.

When I think about this book, it feels like one read many years ago, before Mom slipped from us – it hits so many home truths & hard-won lessons that the two of us came to together.  But it was published in 2011, my first read was early 2013!

Coming Home to Who You Are is a book Mom would have kept by her bedside, been a good companion when she’d wake up at 3:00 a.m.ish, when reading something that spoke to her heart helped tumble her back to sleep.

As Mom worked her way along her quest for a stronger, more cohesive sense of her 90+ year old self, the following are the sort of  questions she’d pause to ponder.  In her earlier years, she would have journaled them; by 1999 she avoided hand-writing due to a severely arthritic right shoulder & probably would have mulled these over in her mind, maybe shared her thoughts with her online circle of friends, or with me, kept them to herself.

The questions are from the brief chapter, Our Gifts and our Bliss.  As David Richo introduces the chapter, “It’s important to appreciate our innate talents.  It is never too late to begin using our gifts, an it is always too early to give up on them.”

The following questions are set out to help us reflect on or discover the gifts that lead to deeper happiness satisfaction contentment – bliss – whatever our age, stage or state of being:

What are my gifts & talents?  How does my current life include & advance them?

What has consistently brought me happiness & a sense of fulfillment?  How can that be present today & across my tomorrows?

What in my life arises from my choice?  What arises due to obligations OR from other’s choices?

What do I admire or envy in the lives of others?

What would I like to see happen for those I love?

What am I being encouraged to do or be by those I trust?

What am I afraid of risking if I “step out of line” or “act outside the box” of what I think others expect from & for me?

What are the loves & longings I am afraid to tell anyone about?  Why?

If I am not already there, what will it take for me to believe that it is my turn to make the choices that reflect who I am & what makes me happy?

These are a lot of questions, but they are natural companions, each welcoming the next & each offering a greater appreciation of what my “ancient” (her term) mother actively sought over those final few years – a clearer, more cohesive sense of our self, whatever our age.



Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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