WRITING from the HEART ~ Nancy Slonim Aronie

Four years ago, I read Writing from the Heart – tapping the power of your inner voice expecting to learn effective writing practices.  Instead, I found my voice.

Nancy models what she teaches, using her voice, her own memoir to illustrate how to recognize, hear & tap into your own.  This is a book to love.

How lovely to introduce this book on the day I started writing my first.  Not planned, but certainly lead to the choice  This weekend, a still-astonishing family moment that could have gone horribly wrong instead became a powerful inspiration.  It took that turn because of Nancy; in seeking a way to regain a balance that had gone sideways, I tapped into her under-a-minute description for her life-shifting Rowe workshop, Jump Start Your Memoir as I felt…  lost.

Had never heard it  before, just needed something solid to hold onto & guessed that she’d have just the ticket on YouTube.  In spades!  In 55 seconds, she touched on the importance of safety, the very issue that was causing me pain, and coming from the heart.

Nancy’s words recalled to me the why behind my feeling distressed & drew me to a place of tender compassion toward those who unintentionally triggered the whacked-out spiral.

Reading Nancy’s book feels a lot like taking her workshop – accessible, funny, constructive in always a positive, loving way.  It’s more like we are sharing a cuppa & conversation over warm peach cobbler than simply reading a spot-on book.

While it’s a must-read book for already & wannabe authors, I recommend it to everyone –  it speaks to us all, helping writer & non-writer alike find their voice & the power to share it.

This morning found me writing the opening of my book.  Come March 2018, you’ll find me back up at Rowe, taking Nancy’s build on her basic workshop – – The Next Step.

Right now, am tracking down my well-thumbed copy of Writing from the Heart , looking forward to warming my heart with Nancy’s voice & wisdom!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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