Butt kicked, ready to write!

Today, I chose clarity over depression.  In large part because of reconnecting, on a whim, with Nancy Aronie, via YouTube.  And she joined Tom Kamber & Pete Mangan in giving a swift kick to my butt, sketching out a new path for writing my book.

I wanted to write my book, a musing on the POWer of honoring others rooted in a memoir of my family, I wanted to write it without upsetting any of the surviving people — my brothers, their wives – who will be mentioned in it.

This weekend  reset my intention from hedging my bets to just being open tender honest.

My reality is that I deeply believe the 5th Commandment – to honor our father & our mother – really & truly does mean that we are to honor them as fallible & fabulous human beings, people buffeted by stories they don’t understand any better than I do, theirs or mine.  When we do that with our parents, we can do that with our sibs & with every other person on the earth & with the toughest person of all – ourself.

This past weekend, things happened that might have, in another time, obliterated my sense of worth, ripped my heart out of my chest, really pissed me off, or a combination of all three.

Instead, looking back over the last 36 hours, find that in place of nursing a broken heart, have been presented with one freshly broken open  to raw feelings that just don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about anything I write.

Butt kicked, on a roll!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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