3 bones to pick with ALLURE

Bravo, ALLURE magazine, on having a beautiful ~and~ at least only lightly retouched Helen Mirren on your September 2017 issue & The End of Anti-Aging, our call to the industry as the featured story.  Michele Lee’s editorial alone is worth the price of the magazine!

Alas, I have three bones to pick with the magazine:

  1. As great as it is you have someone over 60 on the cover & sporting wrinkles as a fashion look, the tattooed arms wrapped possessively around her are clearly those of a much younger adult.  And the photos with the article that were unrelated to the cover shot showed a considerably less natural look.  Mixed messaging.
  2. With some much good news to share about growing significantly upward, your Wellness Report included some glaring gaffes.  The double chin disappears?  To be replaced by a crepey skin pouch.  Your skin looks glowier?  The most unintentionally hilarious is “You can save a ton on waxing” because the skin on your legs & arms get lighter – and migrates to your face & other weird places.  And sex might get hotter in your 40s & 50s, but what about the years beyond – this is an anti-aging issue but there is no mention of great sex in your 60s & beyond.
  3. Of all the wonderful quips & quotes in the article, did your REALLY have to showcase in big, bold print – “If people treat me like the age I am, I get absolutely insulted, really cross…  No, no, no.  I don’t want your seat.”?  I don’t even know what that means.  My guess is that people would offer her their seat because she’s bloody Helen Mirren.  I seriously doubt her age even drifts across their consciousness.  In any case, it is not the empowering quote I would have expected you to spot light.

That said, congrats on ditching the term “anti-aging” & for giving your excellent reasons.  Congrats on the delightful read on Dame Helen.  Congrats on balancing the horror I felt watching Jane Fonda at the Emmy”s – so not aging gracefully or apparently willingly at all – with the gloriously “bring it on” Helen Mirren, who had the guts to show her body in Calendar Girls!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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