Thomas Kamber – world shaker & shaper

John & I had the pleasure of meeting THOMAS KAMBER last Thursday at Senior Planet, which co-hosted a viewing of Ashton Applewhite’s “Manifesto Against Ageism” TED talk.  

My fingers had been crossed that Tom would be there & praise be he spoke, so I could tag voice & personality to the reputation.  What a thrill to share a few moments  with Tom, a genuine change agent, a  world shaker & shaper!

We only talked for a few minutes, but that was enough time for Tom to upgrade my vision of Cyber Access for the Technically Timid (CATT) as a serious template for inter-generational outreach.   As we talked, it hit home that for CATT to make a difference, I have to become a different version of ME, including setting goals light years beyond what I’d expected, doing things I’d never imagined.

Do I have the guts & grit to go for it?

Have added Tom to my roster of earth angels – he’s already done so much of what’s in my heart.    As for my guardian angels. they’re putting in overtime as they go into overdrive getting me off my duff & into the game:

O wonderous piper, with your message “GET  OVER  YOURSELF!”

Mrs. P –  I can feel my lower lip being pulled & hear your rebuke to DO what needs doing.

Hedy – shining proof to stay on the alert for knowledge inspiration opportunity, be true to my interests, always do my creative best – it could be an idea whose time will come.

And my first guardian angel, my brother Ian, is always whispering in his baby sister’s ear, ” Why NOT you?


Tom’s example is now always before me, since he’s interested in hearing from me WHEN there’s something worth sharing,  while my dear guardian angels haunt me with their messages of …

Just do it.  

Give it your all or give it all up.  

Go big or go home.  

If not you, who?  If not now, when?





Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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