Older people are happier – guest post (sort of)

Am learning that posting something that zings straight to my heart is a pretty good way to pick a guest post.  The presenter didn’t write it FOR the blog, but it SPEAKS to me as if she did.

Which is how Laura Carstensen’s TED Talk became today’s Guest Post, featured way more for my younger readers than those older than newly old (65) me.  Older people have an inkling we’re happier than when in our younger years;  we don’t need convincing.  Youngers all too often do.

Yesterday, John & I got some photos developed at our local Walgreen’s.  I was guffawing because a special edition of TIME magazine on exercise claims on the cover – “Younger.  Smarter. Stronger.”   Exercise does many things.  It might make you feel fitter than you were before hitting the gym or starting a fitness routine.  It can make you smarter & it can make you stronger.  It CANNOT make you younger.  You’d think Father TIME would have set them straight!

Curious, I asked the cashier – a woman who looked to be in her middish middle age – if she would go back to being twenty for a million dollars.  Not would she pay a cool mil to return to those glory days;  would she accept it, on condition she return to her college years.  She mulled it over & said, “No.  I’d spend the money & still be stuck back there.”  “THERE” did not sound like a place she had any interest in revisiting, let alone staying.

Before going to Laura Carstensen’s excellent TED Talk, must include a nod to my mother’s take on significantly aging upward, written when she was 90:   A friend urged me to write about old age and make all the younger folks envious of us Ancients. Growing old, even some of the sadder aspects of it, is part of the Lord’s grand scheme. Let go of time-bound prejudices and fears of growing older.  ~  ~  Marianne Williamson says that to get to the light, a person has to work through the darkness. In middle and early old age, life can seem dark and scary as we move out of the familiar into the unknown. Work through it toward the light. “

And with that, I give you Laura Carstensen’s talk, given to a local audience at TEDxWomen 2011…  https://www.ted.com/talks/laura_carstensen_older_people_are_happier

Author: auntdeev

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