What do you know you should be doing, but ignore? – writing prompt

What is something that’s been weighing on your mind, but you’ve  been side-stepping?  Something you care about, but have been giving the blind eye.  Why does it call out for attention & action?  Then ponder why, if it genuinely deserves your time & energies, do you keep giving it the cold shoulder.

It took me years to carve The Retreat out of what we called the Computer Studio, but could have been equally tagged a mess.  Right now, it is cluttered, but that is temporary & because I’m consolidating books & journals that I’m using as the back bone of the book I’m writing.  The room was finally cleared cleaned organized when I came to the point of admitting I either had to acknowledge it needed to be done & do it OR stop thinking of it as something worth doing when I clearly didn’t really see it that way at all.  In asking the question, I cleared the decks for action, whether it was to do or not to do.

This is a good writing/thinking prompt to ask every day, from teen to centenarian.  What is ONE thing that I should be doing & have dragged my feet getting to?  First thing to consider before going any farther – is it something I genuinely want to do, or something that I want to want to do? Want to want to do goals are bear traps, catching us up in to something we really do NOT care about but feel we should.  They create short-term positive psychic energy – “I want to do this!” – but become a long-term drain when we never get around to doing it because in our heart of hearts we just do care.   If it’s a want to want to do, then it’s understandable you’re dawdling.  CROSS IT OFF.

If what you know you should be doing is something simple, that could be done within the present day, write down what’s been holding you back.

If it is something you’ve been putting off that requires multiple steps, additional resources and/or involves another person, write them down – all of them.  What’s stopping you from doing it or taking steps toward making it happen?

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about the psychic high we get deciding to do a specific thing,  which flags once we turn to the grunt work of making it happen.  Too many times, we slip that once-shining goal to the back of our mind & set up a new one, which gives the same happy jolt only to end up on the same growing pile.  That pile is real & it causes low grade, chronic unhappiness.

Use today’s writing prompt to look at that pile, take out one of the set-aside goals, dust it off, decide if it is a “I really want to do this!” & write down what’s held you back, then outline what needs to happen to check it off as done.  And make it happen!

If you realize in writing about it that you really DON’T care about that goal, take it OFF the pile & trash it.  One less psychic drain on your energy makes a difference.

Today, the long- ignored goal I hauled out was writing on Post-its what in my life worked in moving me forward BUT have fallen by the wayside, no longer done – things like calendar work, making a weekly nibble for our local college,   writing snail mail to friends.  When I wrote down the whys it was chronically left undone, came up with three  pathetic reasons I no longer did it – so I looked ’em in the eye, got past them, wrote out the notes & POSTED them on the back of The Retreat door.

Today’s writing or pondering prompt – What do YOU know you should do, but keep not getting done?   And consider doing it again tomorrow & the next day & the next.  Will keep you up to date with my progress!!




Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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