DIE EMPTY ~ Todd Henry

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.  And with such a fabulous lesson!!

After I’d read Og Mandino & Brene Brown, my heart felt primed & ready to go, but my head said, “Uh, guys – I don’t know HOW to do what you have me aching to do.

While Brene got my heart soul brain sharing the same track & Og upgraded my rickety internal infrastructure, making it capable of supporting a strong structure, TODD HENRY gave me the a) blue prints, b) building materials & c) knowledge to create something lasting, valuable.

Brene & Og were inspiring, uplifting;  Todd put me to work.

Die Empty – unleash your best work every day calls us to live flat-out, pursuing our dreams rather than dithering away in a life of comfortable mediocrity.  And he includes high achievers among those living mediocre lives & people barely scraping by as among those on track to die empty, having left it all out on the field of action.

Success in emptying yourself of your best work each day depends on your ability to define the right battles, and to do the small but critical tasks that move you forward to your true objectives, goals.”

Know what really & truly matters to me, a daunting task requiring us to know who really we are & what we truly want, knowledge that requires an introspection that makes me want to run upstairs, dive under the covers & go to sleep.  (sleep is my default to constructive action)

many people would rather wither on the vine than begin to attempt working toward more, toward better for fear of the discomfort it would cause.

No getting around having to get past that the obstacles littering our path to self knowledge, but it has to be done if we are going to understand what really matters to us.  Once we know what really matters, life should get simple, since what we should be focused on what draws us closer to our goal, letting everything the keeps us stagnant or (gasp!) moves us away drop away.

So many of us – myself included – resist resist resist UNDERSTANDING that our success is determined as much or more by stopping doing doing what keeps us stuck or moves us back as it is by any determined new steps we take to move closer to our goal. Todd covers that & gives a solution.

By breaking big tasks down into manageable bites – the 7 deadly sins of mediocrity;  follow your F.A.T.E. ~ Focus, Assets, Time, Energy;  the three kinds of work ~ Mapping, Making, Meshing – Todd makes the steps he shares accessible manageable doable.

Will never know if Todd’s book is as exceptional as it feels to me, whether I was in the right place to hear & ACT on what he says, a combination or something totally outside my ken.  I do know that Die Empty & his Louder Than Words kick started me into action.

We will see how great a student I am of the master.  Can tell you this – Todd leaves me no excuse to say, “I didn’t know how.”   

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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