Super, Natural – Proof of Progress

TIME magazine’s cover story on women of accomplishment, who have & are changing the world – the majority of them over fifty, with quite a few over seventy – is proof of the USA’s progress in stepping olders elders ancients out of the shadows & into the mainstream of our culture.  Especially with Sylvia Earle, 82, nailing it as a cover subject, bagging a full page spread AND featured in a double-page Rolex ad!   Dr. Earle was one of twelve women featured on the cover, five (5) of them over 60.

This morning, came across my own proof of progress.

My description of the past two months – since attending the International Association of Gerontology & Geriatrics (IAGG) 21st quadrennial World Congress – has been super, natural.  It has felt souped up super, yet natural.

Background:  Forty years ago, I drew a picture of a swan on a pond, with the water layered under her with my goals of getting from a place of disconnection, where I felt I was in 1976, to the bottom layer, my goal of being fully engaged with life.  My visual image was a desire to get the swam strong enough, determined enough that it could defy its buoyant body’s natural RESISTANCE & dive all the way down from the surface to the very bottom, because if felt like it would be that tough to achieve the goals illustrated at each depth.

Today:  Came across a journal dated Jan 2006, on the book POINT ZERO – creativity without limits.  By that time, I sensed that I’d reached that once distant goal.  Instead of resting on my laurels, I drew a new picture with a new swan gliding atop a new pond, layered with new goals dive to & through, down down down all the way to the pond floor ~ from familiar habits through not-quite-so familiar to less familiar,  from even less familiar to a bit more natural, more natural, more & more natural, delightfully natural, all the way to the final NATURAL.

Using the phrase “super, natural” to describe my here & now is my own proof of progress that it took 1/3 the time to accomplish my second slate of mega goals.  Time to draw a new a swan skimming across a pond layered with my newest most daunting goals.  While I’m at the drawing board, maybe this woman of accomplishment will design my own TIME cover, write my own featurette & work up my own Rolex ad!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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