The past three years, particularly the last two – especially the past two months – bring home, over & over, what a fabulously super, natural life John & I are graced to live.  And how often I find myself wanting to shout in exasperated exhortation, “THIS is how we are ALL created to LIVE!!”   We are created to bring out into the world our own brand of WOW.

We are blessed by a happily high number of friends who knew & grooved to this Life 101 factoid from their early days, whose lives have grown flexed expanded over the decades, letting the archaic move OUT as they let the of-this-moment move in.  Some are in the careers they set out to ace from Day One, others were thrown by necessity into new ones & others revamped revised reinvented their paths (sometimes several times overs!).

In tribute to them ~ and for the many, at any/all age,  figuring it out ~ am delighted to share Todd Henry’s ACCIDENTAL CREATIVE podcast.  Todd was one of a treasured circle of writers  who midwifed my transition into DEEV 2017 & his podcasts make for mind-bending, spirit-expanding shares with John, help make us more effective partners on every level, dimension.

Blown away that Todd’s most recent podcast is on connecting with your creative communityy ~ aka what the past week+ has been all about!

Check out Todd’s podcasts, share your favorites & any others y’all hold to be “must hear”!!



Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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