Perhaps the greatest struggle John & I face re-empowering older friends is what feels like an almost universal RESISTENCE to any suggestion that we, as a species, are inherently creative.  Praise be, we are unrelenting in shaking them OUT of that limiting & woefully wrong belief,  in connecting them to our literally God-given natural creative bend.

It ain’t easy. is a godsend for those days when we feel down & close to defeated by some person – could be 25, 55, 85 – loudly exclaiming “CAN’T!”  The most heart-rending are the ones who were creative in younger years but think that AGE puts them beyond the Divine outreach of our creative nature.

How much more clearly can All That Is spell it out?  “And God created  mankind in the image of the Divine.”  God creates, therefore so do we because we are created in God’s image!  The Divine should not have to slow jam Genesis 1:27   for us to accept that we, at all ages, have creativity in our dna.

There are countless sites on how to do creative things; many of them are exceptional. What sets ~  quality content on creativity, innovation and imagination ~ heads & shoulders above the crowd for me is that it rejiggers MY heart mind spirit about how creativity makes us US.

Short & sweet – – in every article & story, tells me, “Open your mind & say AWE.”






Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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