Times Three – writing prompt

Thank you to LiveYourDream.org for this week’s writing prompt:

Think about three times in your life when you felt a significant amount of joy, peace or accomplishment.

Do these experiences have any elements in common?

What might that say about you as a person?


If you journal, I hope you find this a useful prompt.   Or just use them as interesting questions to mull over throughout the week.

If you don’t, I strongly suggest starting.  My mother inadvertently stumbled into what amounted to journaling at 90, over her last 18 months, after I’d been trying for years to get her started.  She did, albeit in her own time, in her own way – to my surprise, online!

Journaling packs power at any age, as much for our personal development as for recording events thoughts memories.  From key-locked diaries to Moleskine to one-of-a-kind leather journals, from very young people pouring out their dreams to the very old doing the very same thing, following a daily writing practice reaches across the life spectrum.  As soon as you can write, you can journal!  And people who struggle with writing can turn to audio, even video journaling.

Although my professional life requires writing voluminously every day, on my blog & laying down my book, my FIRST writing every day is in my journal – by hand, at least three pages, stream-of-consciousness rather than carefully crafted.  It gets my head in the day’s game, is a consistent starting point, an immediate & very personal accomplishment.  In ways that surprise me, it often feels like a form of meditation – grounding, promoting a sense of peace & connection with the universe.  It’s become something bigger than just writing, yet more intimate too.


From Grandtimes.com:   The reasons we journal are as varied as the different types of journals piled high on bookstore shelves today. Journaling brings self-knowledge. Writing down your thoughts, venting your emotions about a problem or situation in your life, or just recording scribbles, poetry, inspiring quotations, and dreams brings you closer to who you are. It is a window into what is important to you.

You may have a particular intention for your journal. You may want to leave a legacy for your children or heal from a divorce. You may be working through an illness, or you may need to release emotions in a healthy way. You may be developing material for a novel or otherwise nurturing your creativity.

But you don’t need to have a specific reason. A journal can be a companion, a best friend, a way to tap into your intuition, or a place to dump your emotions so they don’t land on friends and loved ones. Your journal can be a way to clean out the junk in your head so you can focus on what is really important to you.

Ultimately, writing in a journal is an act of self-love. Your journal is a safe place to get to know yourself and discover who you are. It can bring clarity in a confusing world that bombards us with messages and images of who we should be, what we should want. A journal allows us to paint a picture of what we want our lives to be, and helps us love ourselves enough to create it. Your writings, musings, and doodles are a way to talk to your soul.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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