Correction… NOT!

A friend corrected something in yesterday’s Crazy Transparent post – “You give the impression you’ve never worked with people with serious age-related problems, but Anne Hyatt was a client  & she was dealing with advanced dementia in her final years.”

Yes, that is true.  Over her final years, Anne could not remember the date or day from moment to moment.   But it rarely brought her down & never held her back.  No one was readier for the next moment of joy than Anne Davis Hyatt.  Things that might have walloped others, she just took in stride.

We’d be out on a drive, heading to or from dinner at Pineville Tavern or The Landing, maybe up to Centre Bridge Inn to hear Barbara Trent’s jazz stylings or down to Square on Square for the All Star (Jazz) Trio & Anne would be enthralled by a gorgeous sunset.  She’d stretch out her hands as if to encompass the glory & say, in total wonder – “I don’t remember what they’re called (the trees, clouds, sun), but isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!  I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight!

That is a woman dealing with dementia, not brought low by it.  Although, in her last year, Anne often forgot the names of those dearest to her,  she but never failed to connect, heart to heart if not name to name.  And she always smiled when we mentioned her daughter, LISA.   Anne LIVED with dementia, she was not devastated by it.

Did John & I have a hand in helping Anne keep her emotional balance after her practical memory was knocked off base?  It would be nice to think so.   But I stand by the statement in my earlier post, because it was always a pleasure, never a task.

Am grateful for the opportunity to post, in lieu of a correction, this celebration of a great soul & a big life.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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