POWerful Convergence

Karen Sands notes in her wondrous book, THE AGELESS WAY, that this is a crucial moment, one that “reflects the convergence of two historical trends:  the evolution of psychology to include humanistic, trans personal & lifespan development theory;  and the widening impact of population aging in all post-industrial societies.”  (p. 45)


From purely personal experience rather than based on any empirical findings, I’d add  two additional converging trends, making one mega POWerful moment ripping up a stunted “aging” status quo, freeing space for radical evolution & change:  thanks to technology flattening entrenched hierarchies & democratizing information, more people like ME can establish businesses without going through the financial hoops or limited data access that kept many earlier entrepreneurs stuck in the visions stage;  and the economic/societal upheavals that hit early in the millennium created an unprecedented need for people to reboot careers, sparking a continuing wave of entrepreneurial thinking & innovative new enterprises.

In short, technology & disasters tossed the old rule book out the window.

My mother’s life shifted because of the two trends Karen notes, plus the third, a shift she happily acknowledged:  “I have heard that timing is everything and the issue of aging is no different. From the mid-1960s to recently, the culture in the USA did not give much value to older people. The times today are a-changing as the generation of revolutionaries who declared “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” now find themselves eligible for AARP+ membership. I have found that the voice of wisdom is increasingly sought out by a generation that has no intention of becoming invisible or going softly into that goodnight.”  (The Velveteen Grammie)

Mine shifted through the convergence of all four, creating a singular, timeless yet time-bound moment.  Past & future draw together into a surrealistic now that reminds me windows of opportunity are open for a brief span; that while getting to NOW could not be rushed, THIS moment will not linger long.  The Universe looks to ACTION for affirmation of its out-stretched opportunities; make the effort to seize the golden moment, or feel it brush past in search of someone who will.


Let’s take a look at the two trends Karen notes, plus the two I tacked on:

1st trend:  the acknowledgement that we live successively, in a continuum stretching across a spectrum of development, NOT in set stages staggered across segments of separate spans, delineated epochs.

2nd trend:  developed countries’ 2-edged sword of longer life

3rd trend:  flattened hierarchies & increased access to data create practically unlimited opportunities..

4th trend:  liberating economic/societal disruption resulted in unprecedented entrepreneurism.

Take a long last last look, then ask yourself – which trends have I left off?  Which ones will develop tomorrow or next week month year?  What will be the WOW at their point of convergence?

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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