BRENDA WILTON – Eldering Evolution HERO!

AUTHORED   APPAREL  – restoring dignity & independence.

Friends ask if our crazed drive to & from D.C. this past Thursday for Aging2.0’s Pint-0 event was worth the time energy money.  YES!  It was an amazing opportunity to meet so many men & women who bring their creativity & innovative ideas to the eldering evolution, to rub shoulders with Aging2.0‘s movers & shakers.

Of all the WOW people we met, John & I agree #1 has to be BRENDA WILTON.

As an artist, John was rocked by the design sense she brings to her AUTHORED clothing line, featuring pieces created for people who find dressing a daunting, painful (on many levels) task.  As much as I am awed by what Brenda’s AUTHORED APPAREL has created for countless people who struggle to put on something as commonplace as the fashion T that John was sporting or the sky blue sweater I had on, what blows me away is how she exemplifies an entrepreneur who found her calling through personal experience. Experience rooted in her own 10 years as a young person in a corrective brace, then through years helping family members facing the myriad struggles related to problems getting dressed & horrifically limited clothing options.

Someone without such challenges might consider “horrific” an overstatement.  I think it doesn’t begin to describe how it must feel to be someone for whom the normally mundane act of dressing is physically painful & emotionally debilitating.

As the personal toll hit over & over, closer & closer to home, a fire was lit within Brenda to design alternatives to the horrendous choices available to the millions of people being cared for at home, in care communities & medical centers.  She’s determined to create stylish pieces that people with physical constraints or health challenges can put on, clothing that imbues both a sense of independence & the confidence we feel knowing we look good.

Brenda’s clothing line helps people of all ages nurture their sense of emotional & physical well-being, liberates them from the daily loss of dignity.  The three of us are kindred spirits in our shared belief that neither age nor physical limitations should define someone.

We’d never heard of  the  “adaptive apparel line,” although both of us understood the need – Mom’s clothing choices were limited by a torn rotator cuff that made it impossible to lift up her left shoulder.  Brenda’s unique designs “defines an entirely new wardrobe category for seniors and others who experience physical challenges with dressing. Authored ageless designs provide ease of dressing and undressing with style, comfort, and durability not offered by other apparel alternatives. Authored fashions function and fit well.”

Mom didn’t care about the wrinkles on her face or her “saggy baggy” (her description, not mine) body, but it did bother her that she could only wear loose-fitting clothing, that it was rare for her to feel anywhere close to lookin’ sharp.  And she hated always needing someone to help her get dressed.  Mom’s every day experience helps me understand & appreciate beyond words the need for clothing that leaves the wearer feeling physically fashionably emotionally EMPOWERED.

Let Brenda explain the power of Authored Apparel ~ ~ ~  We have reduced or eliminated irritating seams, used premium, durable and even some exclusive fabrics, and positioned closures to reduce discomfort while improving accessibility.

Authored clothing may allow care community residents to continue living in assisted living communities longer before transferring to skilled nursing environments. In addition, Authored is helpful to those who suffer from Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetes, the after effects of Strokes, Dialysis and many other catastrophic diseases, injuries and disabilities in addition to the typical challenges of aging.

Authored is particularly designed to improve the lives of caregivers. This unique line of clothing reduces pain, injury, time and the challenges associated with assisting another with dressing and undressing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Amen, sister!  Brenda’s clothing line is the answer to countless prayers offered up by the people who are challenged, by their families & loved ones, by care partners doing the best they can to create an empowered & empowering environment.   With apparel from Authored, men & women have a fashion line that lets them dress with relative ease & look good at the same time.

Brenda offers something as basic to our emotional well-being as looking sharp, as essential to our mental health as the independence of simpler dressing, plus the support of our physical health by restoring getting dressed in the morning as part of a danger-free routine.

Back to Brenda  ~ ~  ~  No matter the cause of someone’s dressing limitation, they will appreciate the attention to detail in every Authored garment.  These timeless garments are constructed with excellence from high-quality fabrics in styles that are both fashionable and functional.  They allow an individual with limited mobility, weakness, or other challenges to look and feel like themselves again.

Brenda – you astonish us with your design skills, your determination to save others from the heartbreak you & yours went through, your remarkable fashion line.  Authored Apparel is a godsend for people of all ages who find themselves unable to handle the daily fashion tasks most of us never consider, for the people who love & care for them.

Dear friend, you are a Eldering Evolution HERO!


Why Authored is Needed

Prologue – Serving an under-served population because…

Chapter 1 – Getting Dressed Daily is Essential

Chapter 2 – Typical Clothing No Longer Works

Chapter 3 – Care Partner’s Caring Shouldn’t Hurt

Chapter 4 – Aging is a Life Experience, Not a Medical Condition

Chapter 5 – Clothing Must Fit Both the Body and the Budget

Chapter 6 – Everyone’s Story Deserves Dignity

Epilogue – …because we are the voice for the dressing challenged

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