The last day of summer – writing prompt

My memories of Labor Day include Soap Box Derby races down Quarry Road, starting at the edge of Alnwick Road then plummeting down past Boro Park, skirting Cathedral Hill, scooting along the edge of Cairncrest’s meadows.  Each gravity-powered racer built by hand.

Back then, kids would have considered starting school before Labor Day nothing less than barbaric.  Labor Day Monday was the last full gasp of summer vacation, something to be fully savored & enjoyed.  It was the last day that the community pool was opened, the last day to connect with friends any time you wanted, to sleep as late as you wanted, to go bare foot all day – the last day of freedom.

Labor Day was when the high school & college dorm students at a local private schools were arriving in earnest – dorms opened the next day, while “townies” registered.  They’d show up at the races, old friends & new arrivals, all hob nobbing in Boro Park.

When I was very young, we had the Labor Day picnic in Boro Park; later, it moved up Buck Road to Pine Run Park.  Never felt the same to me – I missed the big shade trees.

This week’s writing prompt is your choice of several:

√   If you are old enough to remember school starting AFTER Labor Day, how did that last full day of freedom feel?

√   How are your current feelings about Labor Day differ from your younger years?

√   In addition to saying adieu to summer, Labor Day often brought the pang of friendships winding down, bidding farewell to summer romances, seeing friends & family head out for far away schools.   If you ever experienced Labor Day as a time of loss, what did you lose & how did it feel?  


What prompt would you suggest to honor Labor Day?

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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