Just as Sundays are when I post one of Mom’s archived Mindwalker1910 e-mails, present a writing prompt on Mondays, Tuesdays are book reviews, Wednesday – guest post, Thursday – share a special website, Fridays will feature “must hear” podcosts.

Lydia Ricci got me hooked on podcasts.  Lydia is the creative mind behind PODCLUBS, described as combining the ease & energy of podcasts with hanging out with friends – – a book club for the new millennium, with less time constraints & stress.

Kind World #6: An Ordinary, Beautiful Life,  one example of a podcast shared recently on Lydia’s Podclub website, is the story of a Canadian woman who died at 55 of a massive brain aneurysm, whose life is recalled by her sister, her niece & her best friend.  What struck me, listening to it (you need a digital device & know HOW to download, which originally intimidated me, an embarrassing but important thing to confess),  was how much Mom would have loved it, how cool it would have been if she & Gig (in Oregon) & Elsa (Florida) & Ellen (Texas) had all listened to & discussed it online.

Podclubs strike me as just the ticket for older people – short, immediate & the listener can adjust the volume to suit their need.  It can be listened to ahead of time & later as part of a group, then discussed.  And Lydia’s website includes all the info needed to get a podclub up & running.

Podclubs draw people as hip & happening as Lydia’s own circle or as laid back as Mom’s group would have been, can be tailored for all-women or all-men or mixed, with all spotlighting fun, conversation & personal connection –  something we’re increasingly losing.

Tech can bust its Bringer of Isolation image to smithereens, with podclubs showing the way to bring people together for an informative and/or entertaining mind massage, good conversations & great, old-fashioned yet never out-of-style CONNECTION.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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