5:39 a.m. ~ Super Powers

Two terrific dreams last night.  The second involved my family & friends, included both my mother & John’s, and a hairy situation that turned out to be absolutely fabulous.

We – John & I – were throwing a party, but in someone else’s house, a nice large cosy row home.  Everything was bobbled – we arrived to set up & the place had not been tidied let alone cleaned, the food wasn’t there let alone ready to be served, the invitation gave a time way earlier than we’d intended as we discovered when the first guests – a quartet of 20-something gals – showed up in cocktail dresses.  Everything was a total mess – and it all got pulled together & the place never was tidied up let alone cleaned & we ordered take-out & everyone had one of the best times ever.

The other dream, my first, involved a very old woman – a cross between Mom & “Grandma” Rose,  looking very wise – coming to a village.  She held a circle- about a foot in diameter –  of many strands of the most beautiful yarn-like fibers in the most beautiful shades of purple.  Each fiber represented someone’s Super Power.  It was an especially lovely dream.  I woke up, around 3:20 a.m., smiling.

Went back to sleep – this was before the party dream – thinking about my family’s Super Powers, at least as I see them.  Dad’s was protectiveness; Mom’s was to see the person standing in front of her as they were in THAT moment, with no harking back or projecting forward; Mim could make people feel needed necessary essential;  Ian’s was loving every creature that walked the Earth; mine is seeing things as & in their wholeness; John’s is helping heal, make whole what was not.  Not sure about Peter’s or Mike’s.

Seeing things as & in their wholeness, healing & helping make whole what was not – two awesome Super Powers to partner,  forming an ab fab Super Duper Power that wraps itself  immediately directly deeply around our work with oldsters elders ancients – wholeness is what is called for,  what calls to us.  Pretty darn cool.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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