“Dear Mom” – guest post

A friend posted this on Facebook.  How well John & I know the feelings she describes! Took us by surprise, the first time it happened.

Am grateful that my John understands that when I’m feeling really miserable – for some reason, especially with the flu – that what I really, truly want above all else is for Mom to walk into the bedroom with a glass of ginger ale (on the warm side, no ice) or a  big mug of steaming hot Campbell’s chicken soup – the standard can, not the chunky – and crackers.

Dear Mom,
I am ending a fairly miserable day with a long stay in my bathroom. For whatever reason–either the generic “tylenol” was contaminated with gluten, or I got exposed too closely to my students’ lunch, or maybe this is a plain old intestinal virus–I am sitting here at nearly midnight clutching the empty trashcan and praying that i wont need it again.

I miss you so much! You were always such a compassionate nurse, and even when you couldn’t stop the natural progression of an ailment, you knew how to lighten its effects. Sure wish I had someone like you around.

Much love,

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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