Drivetime Radio – writing prompt

Gooooooooood morning, World!  It is a great Monday morning, just around 6:45 a.m. – weather forecast is sunny & mild.  It was DARK & cool as I headed out an hour ago on my morning perambulation around the block.  It’s not far, but enough to get my heart rate up & my little grey cells working.

Time for the week’s writing prompt.  Imagine flipping on the radio – driving to work or on errands, maybe heading up the River Road on a lazy meander, or working around the house – to your favorite station, your favorite show.  What’s the station, what’s the program?  If it is a music station, what’s playing?  If it is talk radio, what’s being discussed & by whom?

You could reach back.  Someone in my neck of the woods might opt for WIBG am (aka “Wibbage”) & its glory years, from the mid-1950s to mid-60s – –  Joe Niagra, Hy Lit & others spinning rock & roll, rhythm & blues vinyl.  Or WFLN fm – it was all classical music, but my favorite program was Ralph Collier‘s interviews, sponsored by the Campbell Soup Company; I loved the quality of his mind, the interesting guests & topics, that I felt somehow MORE after listening.

My guess is that John’s prompt pick might be the 7:15 a.m. “SOUSA ALARM” on WRTI fm (which added classical music to its jazz format after WFLN went off the air in the late 1990s) – will have to check.  FYI – checked the time & just turned it on – Sousa’s  The Glory of the Yankee Navy!

My pick would be Marty Moss-Coane’s 11:00 a.m. “RADIO TIMES” over on WHYY fm (NPR).  Although Marty tends to be overshadowed by the internationally known & oft deliciously parodied Terry Gross, whose Fresh Air is also produced by WHYY, I prefer her interviewing style & love that her topics often include people & issues close to home.

Marty says her favorite interviews were with Christopher Hitchens, Salman Rushdie, James McBride, Maurice Sendak, and an Indian writer named Sherman Alexie.  A lot of people know at least the names of the first four, but find themselves stumped by Sherman Alexie. He was a gift from Marty to me.

Sherman Alexie is Indian – as in American Indian.  A kindred soul I would never have discovered without Marty.   Hearing them talk about his book,  You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me,  was heart-opening  –  while his experience was more intense & horrific than my life, much of it brought up thoughts of relationships with both my mother & considerably older, massively complicated & complex sister, Mim.  His description ~  “She protected me against cruelty/ Three days a week” ~ of his mother was spot-on Mim; it was the nudge I to start my own book.

For me, the magic of Marty is that while Terry always entertains, Marty makes me feel like we’re sitting on the comfy cozy couch at Be Well Cafe, sharing a cuppa as she fills me in on what’s happening around us.  I come away feeling smarter, deeper, enriched.

On a personal level, I love that Marty grew up on the beautiful campus of St. Andrew’s School , well south of Wilmington DE – the alma mater of my American niece & nephew (and where they shot Dead Poet’s Society) – where her Dad was teacher & later head master ~and~ that, like me, she lives in Bucks County, albeit in a Victorian with a wrap-around porch.

Okay, so that’s this week’s writing or simply pondering prompt – what would you pick as your favorite radio station,  your favorite program & what about it captures your appreciation & loyalty?  If you don’t journal, share it with a friend or a pleasant acquaintance, ask about theirs.  Or write to me about it –

Start your week by opening your mind & saying, “Awe!”


Today’s (08/28/17)  Radio Times  is a teacher round-table – “We’re just a week away from the start of a new school year. Parents are shopping for school supplies, students are squeezing out their last days of summer fun and teachers are prepping their lesson plans. In this hour, Marty talks with a roundtable of award-winning teachers in the Philadelphia School District about their plans for the year. The guests include a first-grade teacher at Mitchell Elementary School, a language arts and social studies teacher at James Martin School and a social studies teacher at Frankford High School (fyi – my John’s alma mater!).”  


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