A junk life filled with McMoments

STILL guilty of frittering way the old tick tock, of a life still stuffed with McMoments, time wasted on “urgent,” meaningless gunk.  Not that I intended to still be here – sort of slid the mire of checking texts & phone calls, often feeling more controlled by a tiny “beep” than any wise inner voice.

McMoments – a concept learned from Susan Bosak, who speaks eloquently about developing their antithesis – – 7-generation living.  Today, most people don’t seem to look beyond the close of their own generation, let alone seven (7).  We – yes, am very much including myself – need to step away from those junk McMoments & tap in the wonderer that Susan says we are at our core.

It is HARD.

Seems to me that once I realize the truth of something, it should be easy to match my behavior to my new awareness.  Feels like the opposite happens!

From my own experience, can tell you that those alluring McMoments – checking out & posting to Facebook, half listening for the “ping” of a new e-mail, doing a “quick” run through my must-read media sites – are proving as addictive as junk food; like junk food, they give a short jolt of enjoyment, take up limited space & deliver basically NOTHING in the way of actual satisfaction.

The IAGG World Congress ended a month ago tomorrow.  Over the weeks since, I’ve connected with Philadelphia’s Positive Aging Lunch Series, am launching Cyber Access for the Technically Timid next Tuesday, giving a Kiwanis speech next month & one to Rotary in October.  But so much more could have been accomplished – I could be feeling so much more satisfied – without those time & energy devouring McMoments that still distract disrupt derail.

Trading in those McMoments for a more challenging but WAAAY more satisfying use of the old tick tock!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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