Flits & Feathers – Mindwalker1910 posting

It didn’t dawn on me as I listened to Mom talking about something she’d seen earlier, some special moment she wanted to share with us around the dinner table, that her ability to appreciate even the smallest moment, to SEE the thing that was in front of her, would stand her in such good stead as she aged upward, into her nineties.

Her big chair with the broad wooden arms  – the one Brenda always described as “in the Stickley style” – with its full view out the living room bay window gave Mom a perfect perch for watching the world go by, whether it was a group of giggling girls with towels & flip flops off to a friend’s pool or a butterfly swooping by for a visit.

This 08/17/00 e-mail from Mom to her devoted dist list was reposted on The Velveteen Grammie 14 years after she wrote it – it feels as fresh as it did all those years ago!


As I sat in the big chair in the living room, looking out the picture window, I saw a big beautiful butterfly flitting about the bushes!  It was the first big one I have seen this summer.   It was yellow, with black edgings.  I have seen the small yellow ones flying around.  They are pretty, too.  

I had another unusual experience today.  Two birds, one after another, hurled themselves at the window.  They saw themselves reflected in the window and thought it was an enemy –  poor birds.   I was feeling sorry for them and hoped they were okay. 

Then I saw a big, handsome red cardinal taking his ease on the rhododendrons.  I felt Pete near and felt comforted.

That big, beautiful butterfly reminded me of a summer over 50 years ago.  We were at Lake Wallenpaupack when I saw the Great Luna Moth.  There it hung, on the door of Odhner’s Cabin, its exquisite wings slowly weaving back and forth.  It was a pale cream color.  It was so lovely, it seemed to belong to the other world.

Before I say good night and head up the wooden hill to bed, I want to welcome a new member of our merry little band – Rebecca Cooper.  When I think of Becky, it is with awe for all that she has accomplished, in addition to being a wife and mom.  I am no longer an active participant on a discussion group she belongs to. To compensate, I took the liberty of adding her to the Mindwalker crew.

Nite nite – am off to the land of Winkin, Blinkin and Nod!  Grammie Kay


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