Ashton’s TED Talk – Let’s end ageism


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Totally busting my buttons with pride over role model~ consciousness raising ~ revolutionary friend, the great Ashton Applewhite’s , TED Talk –  on the main stage, at the primo venue (Vancouver).

The crowd of movers & shakers capped her 11 1/2 minute talk with a surge, leaping to a standing ovation, roaring with approval after her “barn burner” presentation – not my words, but a description on TED’s own website. Watch for when them rallying around the shout,  “Let’s do it!”

As the always-nails-it  Harvey Austin described,  Ashton’s delivery & message in Let’s end ageism is crisp clean powerful ~ ~ spellbinding.

Ashton’s  talk should be taught in every journalism class, memorized by every speech writer.  It’s OUTSTANDING reach connects everyone to both the speaker & everyone around them.  She casually, impressively draws in each age, every demographic, every interest.
Slashing any expectation of placement on an “age spectrum,” Ashton flips the devaluing labeling of othering, instead celebrating that we are all HUMAN, a message that underpins every word in her talk.
It was just over a year ago – July 2016 – that I first told Ashton she’s the Thomas Paine of today’s revolution against revolting attitudes toward aging, informing & stirring multitudes to rush & overpower the barricades that a mass of commercial & cultural forces have set up against expansive fearless purposeful living.

EVERYTHING about Ashton is beyond epic.  Her book came out just 18 months ago – March 2016 – self-published after the publishing big wigs rejected her manuscript with the slam, “No one buys books on growing older.”  Look at her now, front & center on the most hallowed TED stage/  Then share & discuss & share some more the TED talk link because her Manifesto Against Ageism  message needs to be set ringing across our nation & around the world.

Start spreading the news!


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