Early this morning, sitting in The Retreat, pondering a day that would be filled with friends & capped with the wedding of two young folks who have been dear to my heart since they were in primary school (&, Kaitlyn, before!), the father of the groom a former 6th grade student of mine, whose grandparents I know & hold tenderly in my heart – – on THIS day of days, I spotted a tiny card fallen on the floor with just one word, lower caps:  believe.

If I were asked – as a pseudo-auntie of the young couple – to say a few words of wisdom, I’d share the four (4) legs of my life skills platform – believe, apply, complete, repeat.

It’s not enough to really & truly believe – we have to apply; it’s not enough to apply – we must complete – and – complete in a timely fashion; it’s not enough to do that process once – we must repeat & repeat & repeat.

Blake & Kaitlyn have great parents (& grandparents), who probably shared that message many eons ago, but I’ve found it bears repeating. (Sure took me a long time  to learn its truth.)

Been thinking a lot today about the importance of building strong life platforms that can double as rafts when the storms bear down on us.  They must be constructed for individual use -and- to interlock with others,  with a nod to both present & future, capable of restructuring as circumstances crop up, built from resilient materials that are both tender & tough.

Believe ~ Apply ~ Complete ~ Repeat might not sound high-fallutin’ or deep or soulful, but those four words are the best this pseudo-auntie can give the bride (“my” Class of ’11) & groom (“my” Class of 2010).

Kaitkyn & Blake are not related to me by blood or connected through deep friendship ties, but both have been in my heart since what feels like forever.  Blessings on them, on their families, always & forever!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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