Walking On Air

Day 2 of the IAGG World Congress & it has already eclipsed my highest hopes for substance inspiration growth.

This is the first time the quadrennial event has featured the Age Stage & its presentations are being praised for for surpassing mere entertainment – the specialists researchers clinicians seem happily startled by how much the performances & presentations enrich deepen  expand their conference experience & have them considering how to incorporate aspects into their work & patient care.

It is a pity John Isn’t here.  He’d process the presentations & programs in his distinctive, “I (me) never would have thought of that” style that leaves me gazing at him in rapt wonder.

The two cats at my Airbnb are charmers, one boldly greeting me on arrival, the other finally letting me stroke his fur at breakfast.  My bed is a huge 4-poster that requires I hoist myself up with a mighty heave or use the wooden stool next to the bed.  Full kitchen privileges, a sun room that overlooks the San Francisco hills that’s all mine (and the cats) & the R14 whisks me to the Moscone Center (event site), practically door to door.

Not doing much about hitting SF’s restaurant scene;  is it gasrronomic sacrilege that Mel’s Original has been my local over the past three days?

Mim trained me at an early age to take full advantage of deluxe hotels, so I settle into On of the Marriott’s super comfy couches when I have some free time.

The wonderful thing about taking the bus instead of BART s being able to SEE everything.  $42 for a 7-day pass, I get to seethe city, plus way less wear & tear on my poor mega-walked feet.

Back to the Moscone – more later!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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