Mom’s Style of PR

My style of PR was doing public relations & marketing for Prudential HealthCare.  Mom’s was quite different – it was PR as in Puerto Rico!

In her late sixties & into her seventies, Mom would go to Bermuda with the wondrous Consuelo (Connie) Rosenquist, who was many years older than Mom.  Mom served as Connie’s strong right arm, making it possible for that remarkable older woman to continue her trips to her beloved island, where she had many friends, who soon too a shine to my mother, too.  The two ladies always had an unforgettable stay & rolled back home mellower than they’d left!

Mom also took bops down to Puerto Rico – her PR – with Gay Pendleton, one of her BFFs. Those two always had a fine time together, whether it was putting their heads together for one of their many Republican Women of PA gigs, shopping for fabric in NYC’s Garment District, or kicking up their heels in San Juan!

The following is  something Mom wrote while hospitalized for an undiagnosed but serious condition, which included partial paralysis, stomach pain, bloating & swollen extremities.   It shows a woman who LIVED every moment of her life, whatever her circumstance or condition, who understood the power of play & made it possible for others to get healthy doses of it, even when she was laid up in the hospital, being endlessly ferried from unit to unit, room to room.

This posting shows Mom is at her most HER, living full throttle.  She dictated the e-mail in her hospital room as I  transcribed to internet for her ever-growing circle of online friends & pleasant acquaintances. Mom writes at the end of expectations “my recuperation should be a full – but leisurely – success,”  but she would bid us her final adieu less than a month later, on 09/14/01.

She was 91.


It interests me what a good looking group of doctors I have seen over the past two and a half weeks.  Even Dr. Cochran’s associate – a female – was what they call easy on the eyes;  she reminded Elsa of Candy Zeigler and she reminded me of Beth Jewell. 

My rehabilitation physician is Dr. Bernal.  Dr. Bernal has classic good looks – tall, dark and handsome.  He is very easy to talk to.  He hails from Puerto Rico.  

Talking to him made me think about visiting Gay and Willard at their winter quarters in Palmas Del Mar.  After Willard’s retirement, they would spend the winter in Puerto Rico (Gay was prone to pneumonia in the cold, moist Pennsylvania winter).  I went down to keep Gay company while Willard came up for the Council of the Clergy meetings.  We would get in a bit of a visit, the three of us, before he headed up to the meetings in Bryn Athyn.  I remember the three of us talking over cocktails, out on the patio, overlooking the ocean.  It felt like I was in a postcard.

Once Willard was gone, Gay and I would cut loose a bit.  I remember one time that we went to a wonderful little French restaurant – the owners and staff really and truly were French – for supper.  We had a marvelous time.  In fact, we had such a good time, Gay invited them all to her place for lunch the next day.  What fun that was, entertaining these very entertaining young people.  Gay was in her element and I was no slouch myself.  It was great fun. 

When Willard got back from the meetings and we told him about our merry adventure, he just looked at Gay, then at me, then back at Gay and said, “I knew as soon as I left you two were going to go wild.”  We did and I only wish we could do it all over again.

I will leave it to Elsa to give you my medical updates, which I understand she posts on KRL’s Family Circus.  Needless to say, with such a dashing doctor who brings up such enjoyable memories, my recuperation should be a full – but leisurely – success. 

Vios con dios – Grammie

FYI  – I am Elsa, Elsa is me.  Deev & Elsa – one & the same!

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