How Did ELSA Become DEEV?

Sigh…  Have received numerous confused inquiries about just who is this Elsa person in Mom’s e-mails?

I am Elsa, Elsa is me.   Elsa Beth Murphy, nee Lockhart.

Backstory – for 20+ years, it was increasing confusing to be in a small town with four, (later FIVE) Elsas, all within 10 years of me.  Growing up, there were just two Elsas – the others lived in Pittsburgh (along with our mutual namesake) & moved here as adults.  The one who lived here was 5+  years younger than I, which was no big deal until our 40s, when age differences tend to go POUF!  What threw a spanner in the works for me was that four of the five – yes, including our regal namesake! – were active in Bryn Athyn Community Theater (B-Act) & I knew that whenever our name was shouted out, they typically did NOT mean me.

It got to be rather spirit squashing.

Praise be, a solution presented itself that worked out perfectly.  I am crazy about doing creativity workshops for all ages.  The children who attended, especially the regulars, were stumped about what to call me.  Mrs. Murphy seemed too formal;  Aunt Elsa just fell flat & plain old Elsa was even worse.  Then Kayla & Nikiah came up with the brilliant idea of calling me Aunt Diva, which all agreed was a grand idea.  Realizing I had the solution to my larger name problem at hand, I discussed it with John, who thought it a bonza idea, tweaked the original suggestion & have been DEEV ever since.  When I first did it, could tell when people had looked up our phone # in the BA phone directory, because they’d say, “You really are serious about this name change, aren’t you?“, having just found us listed under Murphy, John & Deev.

But it can be confusing when people reading Mom’s e-mails see “Elsa” and wonder “WHO?”  ME!


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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